Barry L. Zaret


When You Can't Do Any More is the second published poetry collection of Dr. Barry L. Zaret. The first, Journeys, was published in 2012. His poems have appeared in Caduceus, Pharos, Long River Run, and Journal of Nuclear Cardiology. Several of his poems have been set to music and have been performed in concert. In his other life, Dr. Zaret is a cardiologist who has been on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine since 1973. For 27 years he served as Chief of Cardiology there and at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Currently he is the Robert W. Berliner Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Senior Research Scientist, and continues to see patients, teach, write and mentor. He is recognized for his pioneer research in the development of nuclear cardiology, and has written or edited five medical texts, one of which is in its fourth edition, as well as several hundred scientific papers and book chapters. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology. He has received many awards for his scientific work and is a member of several honorific societies. He is an invited blogger for the Huffington Post, where he writes on humanistic aspects of medicine. Dr. Zaret is also an accomplished painter whose oils appear in numerous private collections. He has exhibited in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut as well as in the Berkshires. He and his wife Renee live in Woodbridge, Connecticut and East Otis, Massachusetts.


When You Can't Do Any More

Barry L. Zaret


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