Baret Magarian


Baret Magarian is of Armenian extraction, from London, and lives in Florence. He specializes in teaching creative writing and travel writing in Florence. In London he was a freelance journalist and contributed articles to The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Telegraph. He has interviewed such diverse figures as Peter Ustinov, the brilliant actor-director and raconteur, John Calder, iconoclastic publisher of eighteeen Nobel prize winners, and Salman Rushdie, the celebrated novelist. He has worked as a lecturer, translator, fringe theatre director, actor and nude model. He is also a composer of piano music that is in the vein of Jarrett and Alkan and draws on the tonalities of Armenian music. His fiction has appeared in World Literature Today, Journal of Italian Translation, White Fly Press, The Sandspout, and Sagarana. His most cherished dream is that his writing might be a conductor and transmitter of light. Please contact him here: [email protected]


The Fabrications

Baret Magarian