Anna Richardson


Anna Richardson lives and works in East Sussex. She is a mother and a forest school facilitator and trainer who works with young people of all ages. She is enthusiastic about rediscovering the uses of wild plants and the indigenous approaches to sustainable harvesting for food, medicine, and other practical crafts and teaches foraging workshops. Over the last 20 years, her interest in plants and traditional skills has developed through training, teaching, and practicing Bush Craft, Plant Spirit Medicine, and invaluable time spent in the field with Gordon Hillman, Professor of Archeobotany. Anna has taught at Sussex University CCE in Wild Plants and their Ancient Uses (in connection with the Archeology department) and continues to develop her own knowledge and inspiring ways to teach plant lore, alongside a deep love for the natural world. Anna is passionate about new and indigenous ways to educate and co-creates local community projects which enable people to share and learn together to reconnect to nature. She also enjoys the creative arts, plays fiddle, and is actively involved in leading folk-music sessions in the local area.


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