Andrew Schelling


Andrew Schelling grew up in New England--Thoreau & Transcendentalist country--then moved West to California, where he worked among poets of the San Francisco Bay Area, editing a samizdat literary journal and studying Sanskrit and Zen Buddhism. In 1990 he resettled in Colorado, along the Front Range of the Southern Rockies. He is a poet, translator, essay writer, and editor. Dropping the Bow: Poems from Ancient India received the Academy of American Poets award for translation in 1992. A recent book, Tracks Along the Left Coast: Jaime de Angulo & Pacific Coast Culture, investigates wilderness encounters, bohemian writers, and mythology of the west. His most recent book is Some Unquenchable Desire: Sanskrit Poems of the Buddhist Hermit Bhartrihari. Natural history, linguistics, and thorny old languages run through his twenty-odd books. He teaches at Naropa University.