Amy Lotson Roberts


Amy Roberts is the executive director of the St. Simons African American Heritage Coalition and an island tour guide for more than twenty years. Amy was born and raised on St. Simons Island and is a direct descendant of enslaved West Africans who were brought to the Golden Isles on the Wanderer slave ship. Amy is deeply involved with her community and is the recipient of a number of awards, including the Georgia Governor's Award for the Arts and Humanities, the NAACCP Image Award and the Golden Isles Hospitality Shared Vision Award.

Patrick Holladay is an academic, researcher and writer whose main research revolves around sustainability, resilience and community development. Patrick is highly involved with a number of professional and community groups and is the president of the Friends of the Harrington School, which is the support organization for the St. Simons African American Heritage Coalition.


Gullah Geechee Heritage in the Golden Isles

Amy Lotson Roberts and Patrick J. Holladay Phd