Amitai Etzioni


Amitai Etzioni is university professor and professor of international affairs at The George Washington University. He served as a senior advisor at the Carter White House; taught at Columbia University, Harvard, and the University of California at Berkeley; and served as the president of the American Sociological Association.


Privacy in a Cyber Age: Policy and Practice (2015)

Amitai Etzioni and Christopher J. Rice


The Tikkun Reader (Anniversary)

Michael Lerner


Avoiding War with China: Two Nations, One World

Amitai Etzioni


Public Policy in a New Key

Amitai Etzioni


Essays in Socio-Economics

Amitai Etzioni


Common Good: Afterlives and Borrowings

Amitai Etzioni


The Socio-economics of Conversion from War to Peace

Lloyd J. Dumas and Amitai Etzioni


Foreign Policy: Thinking Outside the Box

Amitai Etzioni


National Parks: Rights and the Common Good

Amitai Etzioni and Francis N Lovett


Socio-Economics: Toward a New Synthesis: Toward a New Synthesis

Amitai Etzioni and Paul R. Lawrence


Spirit of Community (Touchstone)

Amitai Etzioni