Allison Lassieur


Allison Lassieur once lived in Tennessee and traveled the path Hattie and her family might have followed from Nashville to the banks of the Mississippi River near Memphis. Today she lives in upstate New York and shares a 110-year-old house with her husband, her daughter, three dogs, two cats, and more history books than she can count.



Allison Lassieur and Rebecca Ann Langston-George


25 Women Who Dared to Go

Allison Lassieur


25 Mujeres Que Se Atrevieron

Allison Lassieur


You Choose: World War II

Gwenyth Swain, Michael Burgan, et al.


Journey to a Promised Land: A Story of the Exodusters

Allison Lassieur and Eric Freeberg


You Choose: Historical Eras

Elizabeth Raum, Terry Lee Collins, et al.


Spies!: The History of Secret Agents and Double-Crossers

Allison Lassieur and Rebecca Langston-George


You Choose: Battlefields

Allison Lassieur, Elizabeth Raum, et al.


Inca Civilization

Allison Lassieur


Maya Civilization

Allison Lassieur


The World War II Experience

Martin Gitlin, Allison Lassieur, et al.


You Choose: Can You Survive Collection

Rachael Hanel, Matt Doeden, et al.


Daring Women

Allison Lassieur, Rebecca Stanborough, et al.


Natural Disasters

Allison Lassieur


Scary Stuff

Allison Lassieur


Samurai Science: Armor, Weapons, and Battlefield Strategy

Marcia Lusted and Allison Lassieur