Books by Alan Grant


With over 300 2000 AD stories to his name - not to mention over 250 Daily Star Judge Dredd strips - Alan Grant's prolific creative record speaks for itself. Outside the Galaxy's Greatest Comic, Grant is well-known to Batman fans following a lengthy run on various incarnations of the title. More recently he has adapted Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novels Kidnapped and Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde in Graphic Novel format with artist Cam Kennedy.


Rok of the Reds

Alan Grant and John Wagner


The American Political Process

Alan Grant


Lobo by Keith Giffen & Alan Grant Vol. 1

Keith Giffen and Alan Grant


Judge Dredd: Mega-City Masters 03

John Wagner, Alan Grant, et al.


Cry of the Werewolf

Gordon Rennie, John Wagner, et al.


All-Star Future Shocks

Alan Grant, Peter Milligan, et al.


Judge Dredd: Fatties

John Wagner, Alan Grant, et al.


The XXX Files

John Wagner, Alan Grant, et al.


Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 17

John Wagner


Judge Fear's Big Day Out and Other Stories

Cavan Scott, Simon Spurrier, et al.


Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. 5

Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle


Essential Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

Pat Mills, Alan Grant, et al.


Judge Dredd: Legends of the Law: Book One

John Wagner and Alan Grant


Best of 2000 Ad Volume 1: The Essential Gateway to the...

Dan Abnett, Kev Walker, et al.


Essential Judge Anderson: Shamballa

Alan Grant, Mick Austin, et al.