Aime Cesaire


Aimé Césaire has combined a political career as Martinican statesman with poetic calling in which he has been hailed as the leading Francophone poet of the twentieth century. Anti-colonialist visionary and prophet of negritude, his influence has been considerable in shaping ongoing post-colonial debate.


The Collected Poetry

Aime Cesaire


Para Leer a Aime Cesaire

Aime Cesaire


Nègre Je Suis, Nègre Je Resterai: Entretiens Avec Françoise...

Aime Cesaire and Francoise Verges


Return to My Native Land

Aime Cesaire


The Tragedy of King Christophe

Aime Cesaire


Non-Vicious Circle: Twenty Poems of Aime Cesaire

Davis and Aime Cesaire


Une Tempte

Aim' C'Saire, Aime Cesaire, et al.


Armes Miraculeuses

Aime Cesaire


Lyric and Dramatic Poetry, 1946-82

Aime Cesaire