Aaron Dries


Australian author, artist, and award-winning filmmaker Aaron Dries helps lead a new generation of Splatterpunk for a new dark age (Brian Keene, author of The Rising). His debut novel House of Sighs was written whilst back-packing through South East Asia, including Thailand, where inspiration struck for his book A Place For Sinners. Aaron won the international Leisure Books/ChiZine/Rue Morgue Magazine Fresh Blood contest, and later released The Fallen Boys, described by filmmaker Mick Garris (director of Stephen King's The Stand and Masters of Horror) as beautiful and brutal. He collaborated with Mark Allan Gunnells on the apocalyptic thriller Where the Dead Go to Die, and recently published the novellas And the Night Growled Back (Cemetery Dance) and The Sound of His Bones Breaking (Crystal Lake Publishing). His short fiction has appeared in numerous horror anthologies. He is currently at work on a new novel and multiple screenplays. For more information visit aarondries.com or contact him on Twitter @AaronDries


House of Sighs

Aaron Dries


Midnight Movie Creature Feature

Kelly Kombrinck, Ryan Hillis, et al.


Where the Dead Go to Die

Aaron Dries and Mark Allan Gunnells


A Place For Sinners: A Novel of Survival Horror

Aaron Dries