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Charlie Sheldon


Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow

Tilly Bagshawe and Sidney Sheldon


Totem of Terror

Robert Herold


Sidney Sheldon's the Silent Widow

Tilly Bagshawe


Totem and Taboo: Original Text

Sigmund Freud


Wolf Totem

Jiang Rong



Claude Levi-Strauss


Animal Totem Tarot

Eugene Smith and Leeza Robertson


Totem: America

Debra Kang Dean


Sidney Sheldon's the Tides of Memory

Tilly Bagshawe and Sidney Sheldon


Alaska's Totem Poles

Pat Kramer


Sidney Sheldon's Angel of the Dark

Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe


Sheldon, the Mushroom

Pamela M Tuck and Tiffani J. Smith


Totem and Taboo (The Standard)

Sigmund Freud


Wager with the Wind: The Don Sheldon Story

James Greiner


Mistress of the Game

Tilly Bagshawe and Sidney Sheldon


Totem Poles and Railroads

Janet Rogers