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The Lieutenant's Nurse (Original)

Sara Ackerman


The Lieutenant's Nurse Lib/E

Sara Ackerman


Lieutenant Hornblower

C. S. Forester


The Lieutenants

W. E. B. Griffin


The Lieutenant of Inishmore

Martin McDonagh


Lieutenant Kizhe

Yuri Tynianov and Olga Smart


Highlights in the History of the Army Nurse Corps

Anc Usar Lieutenant Colonel Ca Feller and Anc Major Constance J. Moore


Lieutenant Trufant

Jeff Shaw


The French Lieutenant's Woman

John Fowles


Peggy Flanagan: Ogimaa Kwe, Lieutenant Governor

Jessica Engelking and Tashia Hart


Lieutenant Dangerous: A Vietnam War Memoir

Jeff Danziger


The Lost Lieutenant

Erica Vetsch


Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses

Cynthia A. Sanoski and April Hazard Vallerand


Shifts: The Journal for Nurses by Nurses

Susan Campis, Lucy Leclerc, et al.


The Last Lieutenant

John J. Gobbell


Nursing Her Amish Neighbor

Marta Perry


The Loyal Lieutenant

George Hincapie