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Birthdays Before and After

Puma Perl



Puma Perl


Puma Dreams

Tony Johnston and Jim LaMarche



Kerrily Sapet


Pumas and Satsumas

Michael Reed


Programming Perl

Jon Orwant, Tom Christiansen, et al.



Victoria Blakemore


Los Pumas (Cougars)

Marie Brandle


Felids and Hyenas of the World: Wildcats, Panthers, Lynx,...

Josรฉ R. Castellรณ


Four Perfect Pebbles: A True Story of the Holocaust

Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan


The Ninth Night of Hanukkah

Erica S. Perl and Shahar Kober


Puma: Types and History

Thomas H. Braun


Feel Puma: Poems

Ray Gonzalez


The Puma Blues: The Complete Saga in One Volume

Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli


Perl: The Awakening

Melissa Flesher


Los Pumas

Alissa Thielges


Modern Perl



Intermediate Perl: Beyond the Basics of Learning Perl

Randal L. Schwartz, Brian D. Foy, et al.


Happy Fell #3

Erica S. Perl and Chris Chatterton


I Was a Doctor in Auschwitz

Gisella Perl