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Misty Copeland

Laurie Calkhoven and Monique Dong


The Confession of Copeland Cane

Keenan Norris


Misty Copeland: Ballet Star

Sarah Howden and Nick Craine


Shawn's Window

William Perdue and Serena Lopez


I Look Up To...Misty Copeland

Anna Membrino and Fatti Burke


Shawn Trenell The Greatest of All Time

Breanya C Hogue


Misty Copeland


Henry Leutwyler: Misty Copeland

Henry Leutwyler


Misty Copeland: Principal Ballerina

Heather E. Schwartz


Shawn of Sherwood

Daniel Maher


Adam Copeland on Edge

Adam Copeland


Shawn Mendes

Emma Huddleston


Misty Copeland

Katlin Sarantou and Jeff Bane


Shawn Loves Sharks

Curtis Manley and Tracy Subisak



Misty Copeland and Setor Fiadzigbey


When I Grow Up: Misty Copeland

Lexi Ryals and Erwin Madrid