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Lola Quiere Un Gato / Lola Gets a Cat

Anna McQuinn and Rosalind Beardshaw


The Modernized Benko Gambit

Milos Perunovic


Lola: A Ghost Story

J. Torres, Jill Beaton, et al.


Lola Dutch I Love You So Much

Kenneth Wright and Sarah Jane Wright


Lola Levine and the Vacation Dream

Monica Brown


How Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay

Julia Alvarez


Lola's Words Disappeared

Elaheh Bos


The Good Place and Philosophy


Divina Lola / Divine Lola

Cristina Morató


Lola Levine Meets Jelly and Bean

Monica Brown


Lola (the Puppy Place #45), 45

Ellen Miles


The Sandcastle That Lola Built

Megan Maynor and Kate Berube


Lola and Grandpa

Ashling Kwok and Yvonne Low


Lola Dutch When I Grow Up

Kenneth Wright and Sarah Jane Wright


Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn

Karen McCarthy Brown


El Fandango de Lola = Lola's Fandango

Anna Witte and Micha Archer


Spanish For Beginners: ¡Hola, Lola!

Juan Fernandez


The Battle of Lola Mayne

R. D. Rentmeester


The Benko Gambit

Jan Pinski


Lola: Edición En Español de Islandborn

Junot Díaz and Leo Espinosa


Lola Vendetta Y Los Hombres / Lola Vendetta and Men

Raquel Riba Rossy


Lola's Rules for Friendship

Jenna McCarthy and Sara Palacios