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Zerr Bible Commentary Vol. 1 Genesis - Ruth

E. M. Zerr


The Salvation Bible Commentary

Jason Kerrigan


Quranic Commentary on the Bible

Mohamed M. Ghounem


The JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot

Michael Fishbane


Job- Everyman's Bible Commentary

Roy B. Zuck


Basic Bible Commentary Luke

Orion N Hutchinson


JPS Bible Commentary: Lamentations

Edward L. Greenstein


Deuteronomy: Believers Church Bible Commentary

Gerald Gerbrandt


The Randall House Bible Commentary: Luke

Thomas Marberry


Galatians: Believers Church Bible Commentary

George Brunk


The Children's Illustrated Bible Primer with Commentary

Karen Pansler Lam M. a. J. D.


The Expositor's Bible Commentary - Abridged Edition:...

John R Kohlenberger III and Kenneth L. Barker


The Christian Lifestyle Study Bible and Commentary

Edward Andrew Th D. Ph. D. Starks