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Summer of Stolen Secrets

Julie Sternberg


Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie

Julie Sternberg and Matthew Cordell


Puppy, Puppy, Puppy

Julie Sternberg and Fred Koehler


Friendship Over

Julie Sternberg and Johanna Wright


Secrets Out!

Julie Sternberg and Johanna Wright


Everything's Changed

Julie Sternberg and Johanna Wright


Bedtime at Bessie and Lil's

Julie Sternberg and Adam Gudeon


Julie of the Wolves

Jean Craighead George and John Schoenherr



Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor


Zenobia July

Lisa Bunker


4th of July

James Patterson and Maxine Paetro



Kathleen Ossip


Summer and July

Paul Mosier


The Night Before the Fourth of July

Natasha Wing and Amy Wummer



Catherine Marshall


Fourth of July

Emma Bernay, Emma Carlson Berne, et al.


The Fourth of July Story

Alice Dalgliesh and Marie Nonnast


The F4ith of July

Baron D. Hall and Madalyn Spires


July Jitters

Ron Roy and John Steven Gurney