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Lost in Waste

Catherine Haustein


Mixed In

Catherine Haustein


Wolves and Deer: A Tale Based on Fact

Catherine Haustein


Catherine House

Elisabeth Thomas


Catherine of Siena

Sigrid Undset


Catherine's War

Julia Billet and Claire Fauvel


The Calhouns: Catherine and Amanda (Reissue)

Nora Roberts


Catherine, Called Birdy

Karen Cushman


Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman

Robert K Massie


Saint Catherine Laboure (Ess)

Marianne Trouvé and Cathy Morrison


The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena

St Catherine of Siena


The Catherine Wheel

Jean Stafford


The Sexual Life of Catherine M.

Catherine Millet


Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!

Cari Best and Giselle Potter



April Lindner


A Royal Ride: Catherine the Great's Great Invention

Kristen Fulton and Lucy Fleming


The Letters of Saint Catherine of Siena

St Catherine Of Siena


Catherine the Great: Empress of Russia

Zu Vincent


The Confessions of Catherine de Medici

C. W. Gortner


Catherine the Great and the Small

Ellen Elias-Bursac and Olja Knezevic


Catherine Certitude

Patrick Modiano and Jean-Jacques Sempe


Deadlock, Volume 24

Catherine Coulter