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Sasquatch Encounters: True Tales of Bigfoot

Gary Swanson and Wendy Swanson


Bigfoot, A New Reality

Melissa George



Pascal Girard


Lower Alabama Bigfoot: No Longer a Myth

Ashley R. McPhaul


The Legend of Bigfoot: Leaving His Mark on the World

Mel Cabre and T. S. Mart


Bigfoot and the Boy

Sandy Tauber


Incessantly Bigfooting



Bigfoot and the Tripwire: Footprints of a Legend

Russell Victor Acord


The Cryptid Files: Bigfoot

P. K. Hawkins


Indiana Bigfoot Reports: Bigfoot Encounters from the State of...

Violet G. Abney and Steve a. Abney



Virginia Loh-Hagan


Bigfoot Untold

Ricko Dupri Sample


Female Bigfoot Encounters. True Stories.

Tye Chapman, Cari S. George, et al.


Bigfoot and Lightning Bug

Donell Barlow


Searching for Bigfoot

Thomas Kingsley Troupe


The Legend of Bigfoot

Katie Kawa


Bigfoot Nation: The History of Sasquatch in North America

David Hatcher Childress


The Bigfoot Files: The Reality of Bigfoot in North America

David Hatcher Childress


Bigfoot Is a Teenager

Chelsea Ann Songbird