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Bigfoot Chronicles

Mike Quast


Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America

Loren Coleman


Back to School with Bigfoot

Martha Brockenbrough, Samantha Berger, et al.



Jen Besel


Curious about Bigfoot

Gillia M. Olson


Bigfoot in Maine

Michelle Souliere


Bigfoot Baby!: A Hazy Dell Flap Book

Elias Barks and Meg Hunt


The Bigfoot Files

Lindsay Eagar


Bigfoot Hunters

Rick Gualtieri


In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot

Graham Roumieu


Bigfoot .... It's Complicated

Denver Riggleman


Legend of the Desert Bigfoot

Jake Thoene and Luke Thoene


Bigfoot in the Bronx

Hunter Shea


Mortimer and Me: The Bigfoot Mystery

Kathie McMahon and Tom Tate



Bradley Cole


Bigfoot in Georgia

Jeffery Wells


Joseph and Annie living daily with Bigfoot

Annie and Joseph


Bigfoot Boy: Lost On Earth

Kenna McKinnon


Bigfoot and Yeti: Myth or Reality?

Mary Colson