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Tribal Bigfoot (2017 Reprint)

David Paulides



Molly Jones


The Bigfoot Files

Lindsay Eagar


Legendary Bigfoot

Candice Ransom


Enoch: A Bigfoot Story

Autumn Williams


Back to School with Bigfoot

Samantha Berger, Martha Brockenbrough, et al.


In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot

Graham Roumieu


Can We Keep a Bigfoot?

Ryan Wolf


The Bigfoot Coloring Book

Mike Gagnon


Bigfoot vs. Krampus

Virginia Loh-Hagan


Bigfoot Still Lives in Idaho

Becky Cook


The Legend of Bigfoot: Leaving His Mark on the World

T. S. Mart and Mel Cabre


Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America

Loren Coleman


Elwood Bigfoot: Wanted: Birdie Friends!

Jill Esbaum and Nate Wragg


Planet Bigfoot

Rosemary Ellen Guiley


Bigfoot: I Not Dead

Graham Roumieu


Bigfoot and Lightning Bug

Donell Barlow


Bigfoot Nation: The History of Sasquatch in North America

David Hatcher Childress


Bigfoot Chronicles

Melissa George


Recasting Bigfoot

Gian J. Quasar


Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need to Know

Animal Planet


Bigfoot 200: Because, You Know, Why the #@&% Not?

Ryan M. Chukuske