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The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2022

Jaime Green and Ayana Elizabeth Johnson


The Way of Nature

Zhuangzi and C. C. Tsai


Puerto Rico

Richard Sebra


The Best Birthday Ever (Disney Frozen)

Rico Green and Random House Disney


Padre Rico, Padre Pobre (Aniversario)

Robert T. Kiyosaki


Fodor's Puerto Rico

Fodor's Travel Guides



George Hatcher



J. M. Schneider


The Naturals

Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Nature's Way: A Guide to Green Therapy

Tom Gunning


Sjur Gabriel

Amalie Skram


Six Ways to Write a Love Letter

Jackson Pearce


La Ciencia de Hacerse Rico

Wallace D Wattles


Wild Maps for Curious Minds: 100 New Ways to See the Natural...

Mike Higgins and Manuel Bortoletti


Cotorras Sobre Puerto Rico: (Parrots Over Puerto Rico)

Cindy Trumbore and Susan L. Roth


La Familia de Federico Rico

Craig Klein Dexemple