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Melissa (Previously Published as George)

Alex Gino


Greece: Biography of a Modern Nation

Roderick Beaton


Jackie Ormes, 8

Miller and Amanda Quartey


Animal Families: Snow

Jane Ormes


Living Well by Design: Melissa Penfold

Melissa Penfold


Greece, the Cookbook

Vefa Alexiadou


L'Abeille Melissa

Michelle Holthouse


Modern Greece


Greece Map

National Geographic Maps


Heartstrings Melissa Etheridge and Her Guitars

Steve Hochman, Frank Marraffino, et al.


Lonely Planet Greece 15

Anna Kaminski, Greg Ward, et al.


Animal Families: River

Jane Ormes


Holding Her Own: The Exceptional Life of Jackie Ormes

Traci N. Todd and Shannon Wright


Melissa, If One Life

Jeremy Camp, Janette Henning, et al.


This Is Greece

Miroslav Sasek