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The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

Megan Bannen


The Undertakers

Nicole Glover


A Perilous Undertaking

Deanna Raybourn


The Undertaking

Audrey Magee


The Undertaker's Daughter

Toi Derricotte


The Undertaker's Daughter

M. Culler


Desperate Undertaking: A Flavia Albia Novel

Lindsey Davis


The Undertaker's Daughter

Kate Mayfield


Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt

Kenneth McKenzie and Todd Harra


The the Undertaking of Billy Buffone

David Giuliano


More Work for the Undertaker

Margery Allingham




The Undertaker

J. R. Kinley


Undertaker's Moon

Ronald Kelly and Alex McVey


Undertaker's Friend: A Classic Western

Peter Brandvold


The Pecos Undertaker

Mel Odom


Sending People to Heaven: The Undertaker Volume 1

David John Cook