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UFO Sightings: The Evidence

Robert Sheaffer


The Skies Above: A Guide to UFO Sightings in the UK

Andy McGrillen, Dan Zetterstrom, et al.


UFO Sightings Exposed!

Megan Cooley Peterson


Out of Sight



Justin Smith


UFO Sightings of 2006-2009

C. Waring Scott C. Waring and Scott C. Waring


UFOs of the Turbulent 1930s: American Sightings, 1930-1939

Noe Torres and John Lemay


In Plain Sight

C J Box



Gail Buckland


Active Minds Sight Words Magnets

Sequoia Children's Publishing


15 UFO Sightings

Alfred Hitchcock


Project UFO

R. a. Montgomery, Marco Cannella, et al.


UFO Sightings

Katie Chanez


A Field Guide to Sheaffer's Pencils

Jonathan A. Veley


Mirror Sight

Kristen Britain



Russell Sheaffer