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U and I: A True Story

Nicholson Baker


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Nechama Birnbaum


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Norm MacDonald


The Mezzanine

Nicholson Baker


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Danny Pellegrino


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Daniel Nayeri


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Luis Alberto Urrea


True Crime Story

Joseph Knox


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Jean Marzollo and Laura Regan


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Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith


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Linda Sue Park


The Murder Gene: A True Story

Karen Spears Zacharias


I See U-E

Shannon Anderson


The Gardener of Alcatraz: A True Story

Emma Bland Smith and Jenn Ely


Into the Abyss: An Extraordinary True Story

Carol Shaben


Drawn Together: Illustrated True Love Stories

Olivia de Recat


Rogues: True Stories of Grifters, Killers, Rebels and Crooks

Patrick Radden Keefe


Sewing the Rainbow: A Story about Gilbert Baker

Gayle E. Pitman and Holly Clifton-Brown