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Classic Monsters Unleashed: Volume 1

Kim Newman


The Little World of Liz Climo

Liz Climo


The Liz Taylor Ring (Original)

Brenda Janowitz


Liz Learns a Lesson

Callie Barkley and Marsha Riti


Liz's Pie in the Sky

Callie Barkley and Tracy Bishop



Walter Dean Myers


Liz's Night at the Museum

Callie Barkley and Tracy Bishop


Liz and the Nosy Neighbor

Callie Barkley and Tracy Bishop


Law and Popular Culture: A Course Book

Jessica Silbey and Michael Asimow


Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods,...

Donna Napoli and Christina Balit


Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization

William M. Tsutsui


Glad Monster, Sad Monster


Ordinary Monsters

J. M. Miro