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The Experience Economy, with a New Preface by the Authors:...

B Joseph Pine II and James H Gilmore


The Experience Economy, Updated Edition

B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore


The House in the Pines

Ana Reyes


Pines: Wayward Pines: 1

Blake Crouch


The Experience Economy

B Joseph Pine and James H. Gilmore


The Christmas Pine

Julia Donaldson and Victoria Sandoy


In the Pines

Kendra Elliot


The Creature of the Pines

Adam Gidwitz and Hatem Aly


Hidden in the Pines

Victoria Houston


Pick a Pine Tree: MIDI Edition

Patricia Toht and Jarvis


Mass Customization: Politics and Influence in Organizations

Joseph B III Pine and II B Joseph Pine


Pining Away

Disney Books, Disney Storybook Art Team, et al.


The Digital Experience Company: Winning in the Digital...

Alfonso de la Nuez


Wonder Woman


Mr. Pine's Purple House (Anniversary)

Leonard P. Kessler


Wayward: Wayward Pines: 2

Blake Crouch



Julia Koets


The Pine Barrens

John McPhee and James Graves


The Last Town: Wayward Pines: 3

Blake Crouch


The Zom-B Chronicles II

Darren Shan


Whispering Pines (Reprint)

Kati Bartkowski and Heidi Lang