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The Ghostly Tales of Lake Tahoe

Kate Byrne


Tom and Todd

Cecilia Minden and Lucy Neale


Todd's Box

Paula Sullivan and Nadine Bernard Westcott


Christmas in Tahoe

Martha O'Sullivan


Poesía Completa / Complete Poetry Borges

Jorge Luis Borges


Are You Borg Now?

Said Shaiye


Borges and Me: An Encounter

Jay Parini


Sleigh Rides in Lake Tahoe: Memoirs of Sam Borges

Dianna Maria De Borges


Gertrude's Tahoe Adventures in Time

Tim Hauserman and Jess Bechtelheimer


Spider-Man by Todd McFarlane: The Complete Collection

Todd McFarlane and Rob Liefeld


Environmental History of Lake Tahoe

David Antonucci


With Borges

Alberto Manguel