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Shifter Wars

Kelly St Clare


A Court of Honey and Ash

Shannon Mayer and Kelly St Clare


Finding Gene Kelly

Torie Jean


Clare Kelly

Margaret Reilly


Vera Kelly: Lost and Found

Rosalie Knecht


Clothed with Gladness: The Story of St. Clare

Mary St Paul


Thorn Kissed and Silver Chains

Kelly St Clare and Shannon Mayer


Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi

Helen Walker Homan


Saint Clare of Assisi Runaway

Hee-Ju Kim


Kelly Wearstler: Evocative Style

Rima Suqi and Kelly Wearstler


Grace Kelly

Pierre-Henri Verlhac


The Haunting of Maddy Clare

Simone St James


Ellsworth Kelly

Tricia Y Paik


Fantasy of Flight

Kelly St Clare


Eternal Gambit

Kelly St Clare


Vera Kelly Is Not a Mystery

Rosalie Knecht


Vampire Debt: Supernatural Battle

Kelly St Clare


Clare Don't Care

Melanie T. Kilby


Clare at Seventeen

Don Roff


Clare of Assisi: Gentle Warrior

Wendy Murray