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My Name Is Magic

Xan Van Rooyen


That's Not My Name!

Anoosha Syed


Know My Name: A Memoir

Chanel Miller


My Name Is Lucy Barton

Elizabeth Strout


My Name Is Elmo

Constance Allen and Maggie Swanson


When My Name Was Keoko

Linda Sue Park


My Name Is Cool

Antonio Sacre and Sarah Demonteverde


My Name Is Yip

Paddy Crewe


My Magical Unicorn

Yujin Shin


My Magical Easter Bunny

Yujin Shin


My Magical Rainbow

Yujin Shin


My Hair Is Magic!

M. L. Marroquin and Tonya Engel


I Share My Name

Esther Levy Chehebar and Luisa Galstyan


I Like My Name


My Name Is Maria Isabel (Reprint)

Alma Flor Ada and K Dyble Thompson


The Sea Knows My Name

Laura Brooke Robson


My Name Is Saajin Singh

Kuljinder Kaur Brar and Samrath Kaur


My Mom Is Magical! (a Hello!lucky Book)

Hello!lucky, Sabrina Moyle, et al.


My Magical Mermaid

Yujin Shin


My Name Is Bana

Bana Alabed and Nez Riaz