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Moses Maimonides: The Man and His Works

Herbert a. Davidson


The Guide for the Perplexed (Revised)

Moses Maimonides


Maimonides on the Book of Exodus

Moses Maimonides and Alec Goldstein


Epistles of Maimonides: Crisis and Leadership

Moses Maimonides


Ethical Writings of Maimonides



Herbert on the Slide

Rilla Alexander


Maimonides on Teshuvah: The Ways of Repentance

Moses Maimonides and Henry Abramson


Moses Maimonides

Oliver Leaman


Bruce Davidson: Circus


Bruce Davidson: Subway


Moses Maimonides and His Time

Eric L. Ormsby


Call Me Moses

J. Moses Harper


Una Condensación del Libro: Mishne Torah

Rabbi Mosheh Ben Maimon and Maimonides


The Guide for the Perplexed [UNABRIDGED]

Moses Maimonides and Rambam


Go Down, Moses

William Faulkner