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The Tower of Life: How Yaffa Eliach Rebuilt Her Town in...

Chana Stiefel and Susan Gal


Mendel's Hanukkah Mess Up

Larry Stiefel, Chana Stiefel, et al.


Let Liberty Rise!: How America's Schoolchildren Helped Save...

Chana Stiefel and Chuck Groenink


Tsunamis (a True Book: Earth Science)

Chana Stiefel


Daddy and Me

Sydney Hanson and Tiya Hall



Leslie Patricelli


Why Can't Grandma Remember My Name?

Chana Stiefel and Kent L Karosen


My Name Is Wakawakaloch!

Chana Stiefel and Mary Sullivan


Daddy and Me

Sarah Ward


Stratford Depot Locomotives

Roger Rounce


This Is My Daddy!

Mies Van Hout


Yes, Daddy

Jonathan Parks-Ramage


Some Daddies

Carol Gordon Ekster and Javiera Mac-Lean Álvarez


Daddy Hugs

Karen Katz


Dancing with Daddy

Anitra Rowe Schulte and Ziyue Chen


Leo Loves Daddy

Anna McQuinn and Ruth Hearson


My Daddy

Scholastic and Eone


Daddy Kisses

Georg Hallensleben and Anne Gutman