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Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Mike Mignola and Brian Augustyn


Carla's Sandwich

Debbie Herman and Sheila Bailey


Carla and the Christmas Cornbread

Carla Hall and Cherise Harris


Gotham Knights


Gotham Knights: The Official Collector's Compendium

Sebastian Haley and Michael Owen


Gotham High

Melissa de la Cruz and Thomas Pitilli


Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero

E. Lockhart and Manuel Preitano


Peterson First Guide to Trees

George A Petrides


Gotham Central Omnibus (2022 Edition)

Greg Rucka and Michael Lark


Batman: Shadows of the Bat: House of Gotham

Matthew Rosenberg, Jordie Bellaire, et al.


Carla Hall's Soul Food: Everyday and Celebration

Carla Hall and Genevieve Ko


Future State: Gotham Vol. 1

Dennis Culver, Joshua Williamson, et al.


Batman vs. Bigby! a Wolf in Gotham

Bill Willingham and Brian Level


Peterson Field Guide to Weather

Jay Anderson, John A. Day, et al.


Peterson First Guide to Insects

Richard E White


Jordan Peterson, God, and Christianity: The Search for a...

Matthew Petrusek and Chris Kaczor


Teens' Guide to College and Career Planning