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Jason Bourne


Ronan Boyle Into the Strangeplace (Ronan Boyle #3)

Thomas Lennon and John Hendrix



Laurell K. Hamilton


The Dean's Watch

Elizabeth Goudge


Billy Boyle

James R. Benn


The Bob Ross Coloring Book

Bob Ross


The Risk

Elle Kennedy


Bob Ross Paint with Water

Editors of Thunder Bay Press


Bob Ross by the Numbers

Bob Ross and Robb Pearlman


John Graham: Maverick Modernist

Alicia G. Longwell


Caleb's Crossing

Geraldine Brooks


Reignite: Fresh Focus for an Enduring Faith

Jack Graham



Barbara Stok


Caleb's Story

Patricia MacLachlan


Cowboy Graham and the Jalapeno Jam

Paige Wellman and Karine Makartichan


Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: Jason Collier's Story

Terri Anne Browning and Lonnie Doris