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Mary Reid Kelley & Patrick Kelley: Blood Moon

Mary Reid Kelley


Saint Francis Gentle REV (Ess)

Patrick Kelley


Wildlife Puzzles





Mike Kelley: Materialist Aesthetics and Memory Illusions

Laura López Paniagua and Mike Kelley


Wildlife of the Galápagos: Second Edition

Julian Fitter, Daniel Fitter, et al.


Patrick Duck

L. Sydney Abel


St. Patrick's Day (New & Updated)

Gail Gibbons


Patrick's Dinosaurs

Carol Carrick and Donald Carrick


Patrick Picklebottom and the Penny Book

Jay Miletsky and Gary Wilkinson


Wildlife of the Okavango

Duncan Butchart


Twelve Days of Winter: A Wildlife Celebration

Sherri Maret and Thomas Hilley


Patrick Picklebottom and the Longest Wait

MR Jay and Gary Wilkinson


Wildlife of East Africa

David Hosking and Martin B. Withers