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Margaret Rogerson


Sorcery of Thorns

Margaret Rogerson


An Enchantment of Ravens

Margaret Rogerson


Margaret's Unicorn

Briony May Smith


Only Margaret: A Story about Margaret Wise Brown

Candice Ransom and Nan Lawson


Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

Judy Blume


Margaret and the Mystery of the Missing Body

Megan Milks


Margaret the First

Danielle Dutton


John and Mary Margaret

Susan Cushman


Margaret and the Moon

Dean Robbins and Lucy Knisley


Margaret & Elizabeth

Andrew Morton


I Am Margaret Moore

Hannah Capin


She Persisted: Margaret Chase Smith

Chelsea Clinton, Ruby Shamir, et al.


Margaret Hillert's the Magic Beans

Margaret Hillert


Margaret Wise Brown's Manners

Margaret Wise Brown and Nicola Slater


Vraja-Lila Part One

Deena Bandhu Das


Margaret Thatcher: The Autobiography

Margaret Thatcher


Margaret's First Holy Week

Jon M. Sweeney and Roy DeLeon