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Thrice Burned

Angela Misri


Angela Davis: An Autobiography

Angela Y. Davis


Angela's Ashes: A Memoir

Frank McCourt


The Thrice-Gifted Child

Jo Allen Ash


Angela's Airplane

Robert Munsch and Michael Martchenko


Jewel of the Thames

Angela Misri


No Matter How Improbable

Angela Misri


The Burning God

R. F. Kuang


Gift of the Aluien: Thrice Born

Summer Hanford


Small in the City

Sydney Smith


A Burning

Megha Majumdar



Angela Misri


Sydney and Taylor Take a Flying Leap

Jacqueline Davies and Deborah Hocking


Nevada Smith


A History of Burning

Janika Oza


Burn After Writing (Pink)

Sharon Jones


Daddy and Me

Tiya Hall and Sydney Hanson


Cibola Burn

James S. A. Corey


Thrice: A Needle and Leaf Novel

Andrew D. Meredith