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Freddy Goes to Florida

Walter R. Brooks and Kurt Wiese


Walter the Farting Dog

Glenn Murray, William Kotzwinkle, et al.


Walter the Farting Dog Doll

William Kotzwinkle


Walter Finds a Home

Brad & Kelly Blake, Cat Smith, et al.


Walter the Wily Walleye

Bob Allen and Scott Alberts


Walter the Baker

Eric Carle


Iris and Walter

Elissa Haden Guest and Christine Davenier


Lottie & Walter

Anna Walker


My Life with the Walter Boys

Ali Novak


Jumble(r) Madness: Crazy for Jumbles(r)

Tribune Media Services


Rider-Waite(r) Tarot Deck


Walter the Whistler Bear

Kathleen Sheridan Russell and Lucy Watson


Chicago Then and Now(r)

Kathleen Maguire


Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise

Glenn Murray, Elizabeth Gundy, et al.


Lego(r): Fun in Lego(r) City!

Editors of Studio Fun International


The Best of Walter Jon Williams

Walter Jon Williams


John Ronald's Dragons: The Story of J. R. R. Tolkien

Caroline McAlister and Eliza Wheeler


Walter the Farting Dog: Banned from the Beach

William Kotzwinkle, Elizabeth Gundy, et al.