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Hermes: Heavenly Days

Rachael Canepari and Alice Charbin


Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen

Marissa Moss and C. F. Payne


Queen Mecca

Leia Stone and Jaymin Eve


The Queen's Governess

Karen Harper


Queen of the North

Anne O'Brien


The Umbrella Queen

Shirin Bridges and Taeeun Yoo


Kings in Queens

J. 'joey' Guida


The Queen of Limnos

Tony Whitefield


The Snow Queen


The Ebony Queen

Abby Lane


The Vampire Queen

Brandi Elledge


Day of the Dead: A Count and Find Primer

Greg Paprocki


Slug Days

Sara Leach and Rebecca Bender


Santa's Big Day

Holly Berry-Byrd and Rob Sayegh


Ten Big Ones & Eleven on Top: Two Novels in One

Janet Evanovich


Pacific: An Ocean of Wonders

Philip J. Hatfield


Disney Princess (Water Wonder)



The Cabinet of Wonders

Marie Rutkoski


Wickedly Wonderful

Deborah Blake


Friendship Saves the Day!

Ximena Hastings


The Wonderful Country

Tom Lea


Wonders of the Universe

Andrew Cohen and Brian Cox


Wisteria Wonders

Angela Pepper