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TM 9-785 High Speed Tractor M-4 Technical Manual

War Department


War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft

Robert D. Blackwill and Jennifer M. Harris


The Global Cold War

Odd Arne Westad


Cornerstones of Freedom: Revolutionary War

Josh Gregory


My First Year: Peter Rabbit Baby Book

Beatrix Potter


The Dakota War of 1862: Minnesota's Other Civil War

Kenneth Carley


Four Years of Personal Reminiscences of the War

Mary A. Newcomb


Joan of Arc: The 100 Year War

MR Robert K. Boscarato


Wounded Years: The Russo-Iran Wars

Ali Moradi Maragheie


Childhood Remembered: The War Years and Beyond

Arthur G. Broadhurst


Hundred Years' War: 1336-1453

Ruben Ygua


Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War

Deborah a. Fraioli


America Rises: First Year of War

Allen L Williams


The War of the Dwarves

Markus Heitz


The Second Year of the War. by Edward A. Pollard.

Edward Alfred Pollard


The Seven Years War: A Transatlantic History

Matt Schumann and Karl W. Schweizer


Tom & Huck: The Civil War Years

Frank Fernandes