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Deep in the Sea

Susan B. Katz and David A. Carter


Deep Blue Sea


Hazel Bly and the Deep Blue Sea

Ashley Herring Blake


Dark Day in the Deep Sea [With Tattoos]

Mary Pope Osborne and Sal Murdocca


Deep-Sea Disaster, 1

Davy Ocean and Aaron Blecha


Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea

Jan Peck


Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea, 3

Thomas Girard


Bizzy Bear: Deep-Sea Diver

Nosy Crow and Benji Davies


Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

André Carter


Rainbow Fish Discovers the Deep Sea

Marcus Pfister


The Strangest Thing in the Sea: And Other Curious Creatures...

Rachel Poliquin and Byron Eggenschwiler


Good Night Phobos, Good Night Deimos

Tim Baird and Jamie Noble Frier


Black Tights Deep

Oouso and Mame Ojitan


Deep Blue Sea 3


Danger in the Deep Blue Sea, 4

Debbie Dadey and Tatevik Avakyan


The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea

Kerrelyn Sparks


Deep Sea Dive

Salina Yoon


Smithsonian Kids Prehistoric Deep Sea

Thea Feldman and Bonnie Pang


Desire and the Deep Blue Sea

Olivia Dade


The Comte de St. Germain

Isabel Cooper-Oakley