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The Wheelchair Priest: To Be Born Again

Dora Korson and Albert J. Couturier


Political Correctness

Michael Eric Dyson, Michelle Goldberg, et al.


How Do You Say Good Night?

Cindy Jin and Shirley Ng-Benitez


Get Money Do Good: A True Story How-To

J. D. Vermaas


The Evil Men Do

John McMahon


Beyond Good and Evil

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


101 Things to Do with a Bundt(r) Pan

Jenny Hartin


Good and Evil

Martin Buber


Star Wars(r) the Jedi Path

Daniel Wallace


Again Again

E. Lockhart


Tell Me Again about the Night I Was Born

Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell


Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

David Currie


Empire's End: Aftermath (Star Wars)

Chuck Wendig


Essays: Moral, Political, and Literary

David Hume


Marvel Good Versus Evil



Seeking Good - Attracting Evil

Robert (bob) Jennings


I'd Do It All Again

Jr. Clifton L. Ganus