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Magpie Murders

Anthony Horowitz


The Magpie Lord

Kj Charles


Magpie Lane

Lucy Atkins


Gifts of the Magpie

Sam Hundley


Flight of Magpies

Kj Charles


The Magpie and the Child

Catriona Clutterbuck


The Gift of the Magpie: A Meg Langslow Mystery

Donna Andrews


Featherhood: A Memoir of Two Fathers and a Magpie

Charlie Gilmour


Tales of Scotland Yard: Lestrade

Bianca Jenkins


Moose and Magpie

Bettina Restrepo and Sherry Rogers


The Lost Words Magpie Puzzle

Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris


Magpie's Treasure

Kate Slater


A Murder of Magpies

Judith Flanders


The Magpie's War

Brianna Winner, Todd McCaffrey, et al.


The Magpies

Mark Edwards


No Mate for the Magpie

Frances Molloy


Aaron Trow

Anthony Trollope


A Charm of Magpies

Evita O'Malley