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Freda and Jem's Best of the Week

Lois Fine


Jem - A Ladybird in Portugal

Mrs Kirstie Vyvyan Barbosa


The Jems and Jamz Series Boxset

Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue


Holograms: A Cultural History

Sean F. Johnston


The Captive: The Hologram Experience

Emma C. Holmes


Captain Marvel Vol. 3: The Last Avenger

Lee Garbett


Star: Birth of a Dragon Tpb

Javier Pina


Captain Marvel Vol. 4

Cory Smith and Francesco Manna


Jem, a Fugitive from London

Delaney Green


Wiklin Tales: Jem's Jam

Dean White and Yulia Potts


Jem Morrison, the Fisher-Boy

Ruth Lamb


The Lamp and Politic of the Jems.

E. W. (Edersheim)


Jem: Lessons in Living

John Donald Middleton


The Jem Crow Car;

J. C. Coleman


Savanna Showdown

Kristin Earhart


Improving Reconstructions of Digital Holograms

Maycock Jonathan and Hennelly Bryan


Security Hologram: Standard Requirements

Gerardus Blokdyk


The 13th Mirror: Mastering the Hologram

Magdala Ramirez


Giselle the Christmas Ballet Fairy

Daisy Meadows


Jem, a Foreigner in Philadelphia

Delaney Green