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The Marx-Engels Reader

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels


Marx's Capital Illustrated: An Illustrated Introduction

David Smith and Phil Evans


Critical Race Theory: An Introduction

Jean Stefancic and Richard Delgado


Marx: A Very Short Introduction

Peter Singer


Stories to Tell: A Memoir

Richard Marx


Business and Society: A Critical Introduction

Alberto Salazar, Mark Peacock, et al.


Engels Before Marx

Terrell Carver


Marx in the 21st Century: A Critical Introduction

Sebastiano Maffettone


The Ideas of Karl Marx: A Critical Introduction

Stefano Petrucciani


Reconstruction: A Very Short Introduction

Allen C. Guelzo


Environment and Society: A Critical Introduction

John Hintz, Paul Robbins, et al.


Marx Girl

T. L. Swan


Reading Children's Literature: A Critical Introduction -...

Eric L. Tribunella and Carrie Hintz