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Savage Sam

Fred Gipson


Savage Dragon Archives, Volume 10

Erik Larsen



Thomas E. Sniegoski


My Friend Leonard

James Frey


The Savage Day

Jack Higgins


Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow

Lester Dent, Will Murray, et al.


Savages of Gor

John Norman


Savage: The Wild

Max Bemis


Ride the Savage Land

J. A. Johnstone and William W. Johnstone


Cuffed To A Savage

Mia Black


The Savage Day

Jack Higgins


The Savage Highlander

Heather McCollum


The Essays of Leonard Michaels

Leonard Michaels



Melissa Savage


Savage Seas: A B. A. Savage Novel

Joshua MacLeod


The Savage Instinct

Marjorie DeLuca


King Leonard's Teddy

Phoebe Swan


Two Little Savages (Revised)

Ernest Thompson Seton


Savage Sword of Conan: Conan the Gambler

Luke Ross and Patch Zircher


Hal Leonard Tenor Guitar Method

Mark Phillips