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Project Hail Mary

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Works of S. Weir Mitchell

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Short Works of Silas Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell


The Art of the Mitchells vs. the Machines

Ramin Zahed


The Weir: A Novel of the Maine Coast

Ruth Moore


The Collected Poems of S. Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell


What Miss Mitchell Saw

Hayley Barrett and Diana Sudyka


The Martian

Andy Weir



Andy Weir


The Weirs

Warren D Huse


Selections from the Poems of S. Weir Mitchell

Silas Weir Mitchell


The Fall of the House of Thomas Weir

Andrew Neil MacLeod


Mitchell Goes Driving

Hallie Durand and Tony Fucile


Scott Mitchell Houses

Scott Mitchell


Katharine Parr, the Sixth Wife

Alison Weir


Reckless Daughter: A Portrait of Joni Mitchell

David Yaffe


Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words

Malka Marom


The Martian; Classroom Edition

Andy Weir