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Foreshadow: Stories to Celebrate the Magic of Reading and...

Emily X. R. Pan and Nova Ren Suma


The Magic Misfits: The Second Story

Neil Patrick Harris, Kyle Hilton, et al.


Literary Witches: A Celebration of Magical Women Writers

Taisia Kitaiskaia and Katy Horan


The Juneteenth Story: Celebrating the End of Slavery in the...

Alliah L. Agostini and Sawyer Cloud


My Brain Is Magic: A Sensory-Seeking Celebration

Prasha Sooful and Geeta Ladi


The Richest Man in Babylon: with The Magic Story

George Clason and Frederick Van Rensselaer Dey


Tales of Japan: Traditional Stories of Monsters and Magic

Chronicle Books and Kotaro Chiba


Magic Ramen: The Story of Momofuku Ando

Andrea Wang and Kana Urbanowicz


Juneteenth: The Story Behind the Celebration

Jr. Edward Cotham



Brook Sitgraves Turner


Magic Trash: A Story of Tyree Guyton and His Art

J. H. Shapiro and Vanessa Brantley-Newton


Magic Season: A Son's Story (Original)

Wade Rouse


Semi-Famous: A True Story of Near Celebrity

Josh Sundquist


Killing the Legends: The Lethal Danger of Celebrity

Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard


Chandra's Magic Light: A Story in Nepal

Theresa Heine and Judith Gueyfier


Sabrina: 60 Magical Stories

Archie Superstars


Build-A-Story Cards: Magical Castle

Barefoot Books and Miriam Latimer