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Taaqtumi: An Anthology of Arctic Horror Stories

Repo Kempt, Richard Van Camp, et al.


The 12 Terrors of Christmas: A Christmas Horror Anthology

Claudette Nicole Melanson and Lynn Lamb


The Devourer Below: An Arkham Horror Anthology

Thomas Parrott, Josh Reynolds, et al.


State of Terror

Louise Penny and Hillary Rodham Clinton


We are Wolves: A Horror Anthology

Sarah Read


The Book of Horror: The Anatomy of Fear in Film

Matt Glasby and Barney Bodoano


Terror Nova: An anthology of Newfoundland inspired horror

Kelley Power, Lauralana Dunne, et al.


Fear No Evil

James Patterson


The Terror of Motherhood: Collected Horror Film Criticism...

Genevieve Radosti and Carley Lewis


The Emporium of Fear: A Halloween Horror Anthology

Yolanda Olson, Murphy Wallace, et al.


Masters of Horror: A Horror Anthology

Shaun Hutson, Guy N. Smith, et al.