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A Mist of Prophecies

Steven Saylor


Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome

Phil Barker


Redemptio, a Novel of Imperial Rome

Wayne T. Torbert


Dreaming Way Tarot

Rome Choi


Blood and Bone: A Novel of the Malazan Empire

Ian C. Esslemont



Steven Saylor


Brides of Rome: A Novel of the Vestal Virgins

Debra May MacLeod


Livia: First Lady of Imperial Rome

Anthony A. Barrett


Feast of Sorrow: A Novel of Ancient Rome

Crystal King


Heir to the Empire

Timothy Zahn


Who Is Steven Spielberg?

Who Hq, Stephanie Spinner, et al.


S.P.Q.R: A History of Ancient Rome

Mary Beard


Legions of Rome: The Definitive History of Every Imperial...

Stephen Dando-Collins


The Empire of Gold

S A Chakraborty


Steven Universe Vol. 9

Taylor Robbin and S. M. Mara


Steven Universe: Just Right

Grace Kraft and Rii Abrego